8-Bit Noir

The case of the 8-bit Noir lead us to game “Night Driver.” Groom gave us a task of finding the game, but we soon came to find out that it was more than a game. This had scandal all over it and people’s lives were at risk.

First we found a note in a Nancy Drew book that had a message that about the truth and gave us task’s to find the truth. Amanda went to Grooms office and listened to the voicemail and grabbed the note from him. We all came together and talked about what we had found. Then Mia told us to do the task’s, so we played video games and looked at comic books. At the end of the tasks we found the truth.

The truth was that all the video games and comic books were stolen from other people for Groom’s collection. We looked even further and found Groom’s past. He was a thief that was working with Paul Bond, but he wanted out of this life. So he is going to give up Paul Bond at the end of the year. The operation that they called it was “The Dutch Oven.”

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