Case Reports

Week One Night Driver Case

It’s been a long stress filled week.  Nothing new there, it started out as any other week. Things were calm for once at O.L.D., but the peace was short lived.  A new case appeared, stolen property, and a game at that.  Having a fond appreciation for classic video games I took this case person.  A little too personal at first, especially after the ransom note, I want this guy to go down but I had to get my mind focused back on the case.  As the case progressed further it became a daily habit of reminding myself things have to be done legit and in a professional manner. My associates and I decided it would be best to video our progress while taking pictures of the evidence and writing up the case reports. The write ups will be in the form of traditional write ups and twitter updates.

Even though this is still just the beginning it’s too early to be overly confident. There will be more to come as the case progresses but it’s clear now this is not an individual to be taken lightly or underestimated.


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