Micheal Ackles (Mack)

Growing up in the rough part of Chicago I was no stranger to what many people called the wrong side of the tracks. I never had a place of my own so I did what any kid would. I took what was owed to me and made a place for myself.  Eventually my skills and talents got recognized and I joined a local gang in Chicago. It was never really anything to extreme. Just a little bit of street justice here and there, in one way or another they all had it coming. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Pretty soon the heat started to build and I had to relocate my business. Joined a little group called Dexters Devils. It was a little in between job, more of a hobby than anything else. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. Guy by the name of Rex caught up with me, instead of locking me up for life I got offered a nice deal. Join him, Miakoda and be apart of this agency in exchange for my freedom. Never would have thought I would retire from the streets and be a detective. World works in mysterious ways.

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